The Essential Pestamel

Available in twelve colors and three patterns, lightweight yet strong, clean and soft, amazingly versatile: The Essential Pestamel is your new, best staple.

Use as a bath towel, beach towel, lightweight wrap, travel blanket, or scarf. Also works well as a lightweight baby blanket.


Essential Pestamel True Black No. 33 copy.jpg
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The Row Pestamel

Available in thirteen colors, softly brilliant, the Row Pestamel grounds a room and adds warmth and utility. 

Use as bath towel, lightweight throw, wrap, or travel blanket. It also works beautifully as a baby blanket


The Essential Scarf

A lightweight classic to wear all year round that layers beautifully.


The Essential Scarf True Black No. 33 White--$56.jpg
The Row Peskir True Black No. 33--$37.jpg

The Row Peskir

Fill your home with special things. Turn washing your hands or tidying up into a relaxing, luxurious moment with our peskir towel. 

Use in the kitchen or bath. The Row Peskir also works especially well as a lightweight hair towel.


The Blanket

One remarkable piece is all you need to pull a room together. The Blanket blends classic technique with clean, modern design and fine materials.