Meet the Weavers


We work with five family run workshops in southeastern Turkey. Unfortunately, only a handful of traditional weaving workshops remain because industrial textile manufacturing has all but wiped out Turkey’s weaving culture. We are incredibly lucky to have found the small community that still exists, and we created Loomed to share their amazing work with the world.

Master craftsman Ismet runs the largest operation, with over a dozen weavers under his direction and focuses on flat woven towels (pestamel). Master Ahmet, the plush towel guru, also runs a large workshop with over five looms under his direction. Master Murat and his family produce flat woven towels for us, and Master Rufat and his family hand weave the material for our Kese Exfoliating mitts. Master Refik and his family produce our hand-made silk pieces. They are the only family we do not provide thread for because they make absolutely everything by hand, and without any commercial chemicals. Refik and his kin raise the silkworms, hand reel thread, and hand dye their finished, hand woven pieces.